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Your resource for choosing a healthier, more active lifestyle in the Midland area.

Stay Active This Summer!

Cancer Services

Cancer Services provides compassionate cancer patient support programs, and promotes healthier living through cancer prevention education at schools, worksites and other locations, specializing in tobacco use treatment for a smoke-free community. Cancer Services also provides weekly gentle yoga classes and low-impact Zumba classes for cancer survivors and caregivers free of charge.

Chippewa Nature Center

CNC features over 15 miles of trails, 1400 acres, nature walks, field trips, workshops, school and scout programs and Nature Day Camp and a Nature Preschool, all to inspire people and institutions to protect the natural world.

Friends of Pere Marquette

The Pere Marquette rail trail stretches over 30 miles from Midland to Clare and is enjoyed by bikers, runners, walkers and skaters both for recreation and transportation. Visit us on Facebook at

Midland Community Center

Provides affordable and quality recreational, social, and personal development opportunities for all ages including classes, leagues, fun runs, and individual recreation opportunities.

Even More Active Opportunities

Midland Community Tennis Center

Michigan's largest tennis facility with 16 indoor/ 16 outdoor tennis courts. Great programming for all ages and levels. Learn to play tennis in just one hour.

MidMichigan Health

MidMichigan Health offers a variety of exercise and recreation programs to help you manage a medical condition or just live a healthier lifestyle.  Visit and click on Support Services. Here you will learn more about MidMichigan’s fitness programs, nutrition counseling, wellness coaching, and support groups. There are also health calculators to help manage and monitor your health. We also offer a variety of classes and health screenings. Visit to browse our offerings and sign up.


ReallyBeThere is dedicated to helping enable anyone, young or old, to actively engage in life with enthusiasm, energy, and confidence to achieve and sustain a healthy and balanced sense of well-being. ReallyBeThere offers ChiRunning and ChiWalking classes and coaching, so you can learn how to run and walk more energy efficiently and injury-free.


Gloria Knows the Benefits of Staying Active

On most Monday and Thursday mornings you’ll find Gloria Bedore at the Strosacker Center for Human Services on Main Street with her good friend Marilyn.  She found out about the Gentle Yoga and Zumba Gold classes for cancer survivors offered by Cancer Services after recovering from kidney cancer three years ago.  Gloria is not inclined to talk about her cancer experience, unless asked.  However, she is convinced that due to her active life she is a thriving senior citizen in her 70’s and is living life to the fullest as a cancer survivor.


Five years ago Gloria had a lot on her plate.  Her husband was a constant concern as his Alzheimer’s disease progressed.  She knew the time was coming when he would need to be placed in a care facility.  Her adult children encouraged her to move into town from 12 miles out in the country to be closer to them and the resources she needed such as shopping, medical care, and social activities.  Selling the family home and looking for a new, smaller home took a lot of time and energy.  She had no idea that she had a time bomb ticking in her body.

                                                                                                                                                                   Gloria always ate a healthy diet, and regularly walked outside or rode her bike.  It made her feel good, and her doctor was pleased that she had maintained an ideal weight for her height.  The doctor wasn’t sure why such a healthy woman had started having high blood pressure.  He prescribed high blood pressure medicine.  It wasn’t long, though, before she was having increasingly higher blood pressure readings.  Several trips to the Emergency Room and a battery of tests didn’t show any abnormalities and she was sent home.  On the third trip, with a systolic reading of 225, an astute doctor suggested that maybe something was wrong with her kidney.  An ultrasound led to the diagnosis of an orange-sized tumor in her kidney.


Following kidney removal surgery, Gloria recovered, staying alternately with her son and daughter.  The doctor restricted her from lifting more than 20 pounds until a year passed, but she continued walking regularly and eventually wanted to do more.  She recalled, “I tried the Zumba class at the Senior Center, but it was a bit more vigorous than I was ready for.”  That’s when she heard about Cancer Services offering low impact and gentle exercise for patients and caregivers during and after treatment.  “I think it’s great that exercise has been shown to reduce the chances of cancer coming back after treatment.  I know I have more energy and it’s helping me move around more easily“, Gloria emphasized.


When asked what advice she would give to fellow seniors and cancer survivors in particular, Gloria smiled, “If you want to feel good about yourself, start getting active or give some new activity a try.  Stick with it and you’ll have a better chance of sailing through any health challenge…and you’ll make some great new friends.  We always look forward to newcomers joining us on Mondays and Thursdays.”  Call Cancer Services to get the details at 835-4841.


Gloria Bedore grew up in the Hemlock area and has lived in Midland County for the past 55 years.  She and her husband raised two sons and two daughters.  He passed away two years ago.  She thoroughly enjoys her five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and is extremely grateful to her family and friends who supported her during her year of recovery and beyond.

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