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Your resource for choosing a healthier, more active lifestyle in the Midland area.

Stay Active This Summer!

Cancer Services

Cancer Services provides compassionate cancer patient support programs, and promotes healthier living through cancer prevention education at schools, worksites and other locations, specializing in tobacco use treatment for a smoke-free community. Cancer Services also provides weekly gentle yoga classes and low-impact Zumba classes for cancer survivors and caregivers free of charge.

Chippewa Nature Center

CNC features over 15 miles of trails, 1400 acres, nature walks, field trips, workshops, school and scout programs and Nature Day Camp and a Nature Preschool, all to inspire people and institutions to protect the natural world.

Friends of Pere Marquette

The Pere Marquette rail trail stretches over 30 miles from Midland to Clare and is enjoyed by bikers, runners, walkers and skaters both for recreation and transportation. Visit us on Facebook at

Midland Community Center

Provides affordable and quality recreational, social, and personal development opportunities for all ages including classes, leagues, fun runs, and individual recreation opportunities.

Even More Active Opportunities

Midland Community Tennis Center

Michigan's largest tennis facility with 16 indoor/ 16 outdoor tennis courts. Great programming for all ages and levels. Learn to play tennis in just one hour.

MidMichigan Health

MidMichigan Health offers a variety of exercise and recreation programs to help you manage a medical condition or just live a healthier lifestyle.  Visit and click on Support Services. Here you will learn more about MidMichigan’s fitness programs, nutrition counseling, wellness coaching, and support groups. There are also health calculators to help manage and monitor your health. We also offer a variety of classes and health screenings. Visit to browse our offerings and sign up.


ReallyBeThere is dedicated to helping enable anyone, young or old, to actively engage in life with enthusiasm, energy, and confidence to achieve and sustain a healthy and balanced sense of well-being. ReallyBeThere offers ChiRunning and ChiWalking classes and coaching, so you can learn how to run and walk more energy efficiently and injury-free.


Fitness by Trail and Trowel

As a Midland Native, the Chippewa Nature Center has long been one of my favorite places.  Little did I know, as an adolescent, that it would one day play a key role in improving my overall health and wellness.  When I returned to Midland in 2002 after a 16 year absence, a sedentary lifestyle had taken its toll.  My weight had crept up; I had recurring back problems and was a borderline diabetic. Not long after returning, I reconnected with CNC.  I started with a full moon hike, then a few bird hikes.  From there it progressed to attending most of the walk-in programs.  Suddenly I was walking several miles a week over a wide range of terrains.  The real turning point was when I strapped on a PFD and put my life in the hands of a couple of staff for my first kayak trip. 

While I love water, I am by no means a swimmer, and the idea of lowering myself into a little plastic boat did not come easily.  But, I decided that the idea of gliding down the river with the hopes of seeing wildlife was too good to pass up.  That was all it took.  Though that first trip was only about 90 minutes long, I wasn't sure I would make it to the dock.  But I did, and I kept signing up for more.  Kayaking is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your core and upper body.  The next milestone was attending a Homestead Sunday orientation.  At that meeting I learned that I could help with the garden.  I've spent the last two summers planting, weeding, spreading mulch and turning compost.  There are few exercises that compare with gardening.  It combines weight lifting, yoga and Tai Chi.   It's usually done at a slow and steady pace with plenty of time for breaks to talk with visitors, and it's done with lots of fresh air and sunshine.  Aside from the extraordinary physical benefits I also enjoyed an amazing boost to my soul.  I was reconnecting with the nature of my youth, with the farming heritage of my ancestors and with the people who visit CNC.  My goal was to get my weight down below 200 and to get off the meds.  I have met that and exceeded it.  Now instead of lower back pain I enjoy that great feeling of muscles tired from doing something productive and fun.  I can't place a value on the experience of helping someone see a new bird or flower, or showing children how vegetables grow and letting them feed a cherry tomato to the chickens.  Whether as a member or visitor, the fitness opportunities at CNC are open to all, 7 days a week, from sunrise to dark.  Download their latest program guide and get started today.


Writen by Rob Maxwell

Rob Maxwell was born and raised in Midland, graduating from Bullock Creek High School.  He moved to Washington in 1986 and returned in 2002.  He am currently the Director of Colonial Villa, an Assisted Living Facility in Midland.


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