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Your resource for choosing a healthier, more active lifestyle in the Midland area.

Stay Active This Summer!

Cancer Services

Cancer Services provides compassionate cancer patient support programs, and promotes healthier living through cancer prevention education at schools, worksites and other locations, specializing in tobacco use treatment for a smoke-free community. Cancer Services also provides weekly gentle yoga classes and low-impact Zumba classes for cancer survivors and caregivers free of charge.

Chippewa Nature Center

CNC features over 15 miles of trails, 1400 acres, nature walks, field trips, workshops, school and scout programs and Nature Day Camp and a Nature Preschool, all to inspire people and institutions to protect the natural world.

Friends of Pere Marquette

The Pere Marquette rail trail stretches over 30 miles from Midland to Clare and is enjoyed by bikers, runners, walkers and skaters both for recreation and transportation. Visit us on Facebook at

Midland Community Center

Provides affordable and quality recreational, social, and personal development opportunities for all ages including classes, leagues, fun runs, and individual recreation opportunities.

Even More Active Opportunities

Midland Community Tennis Center

Michigan's largest tennis facility with 16 indoor/ 16 outdoor tennis courts. Great programming for all ages and levels. Learn to play tennis in just one hour.

MidMichigan Health

MidMichigan Health offers a variety of exercise and recreation programs to help you manage a medical condition or just live a healthier lifestyle.  Visit and click on Support Services. Here you will learn more about MidMichigan’s fitness programs, nutrition counseling, wellness coaching, and support groups. There are also health calculators to help manage and monitor your health. We also offer a variety of classes and health screenings. Visit to browse our offerings and sign up.


ReallyBeThere is dedicated to helping enable anyone, young or old, to actively engage in life with enthusiasm, energy, and confidence to achieve and sustain a healthy and balanced sense of well-being. ReallyBeThere offers ChiRunning and ChiWalking classes and coaching, so you can learn how to run and walk more energy efficiently and injury-free.


Positive Relationships Boost Your Health Status

Mi-Vibe articles typically cover wellness topics such as eating more fruits and vegetables or increasing your activity level, but a significant factor affecting your ability to avoid disease is your sense of feeling supported by others.  We’ve known for some time that if a surgical patient comes home to a caring spouse or friend to recuperate after a hospitalization, they are less likely to suffer complications and actually heal faster.  Ongoing studies continue to reaffirm that having at least one loving relationship can be one of the most important components of maintaining good health.  Pets also provide this benefit. The reality is that if your closest relationships are stressful, it can actually jeopardize your ability to stay well.  So let’s look at what can foster optimal interaction with the key people in our lives:

  1.  Make the time to keep communication flowing.  If thoughts and feelings about what is happening regarding the challenges of life are bottled up, it can push the other person away.  Sit down with no distractions and make sure all concerns are shared and feelings validated.
  2. Talk in “I” statements.  We may not agree with how our loved one handles certain issues, but if we start a sentence with “You make me feel…,” the other person may feel picked on and get defensive.  A much better way of saying something is, “I feel so alone when you keep quiet and don’t tell me what you’re thinking.”  This puts the focus on your negative emotions, not theirs.
  3. Be a good listener.  Sometimes we get distracted and don’t really listen the way we should.  Ask your “significant other” what they are thinking about or perhaps remind them periodically what you appreciate most about them.  Make more time for shared activities and recall those times together.  It builds strong bonds that help with enduring the upsets of life.
  4. Be flexible.  If you always must have things a certain way, it can feed resentment.  Be willing to compromise on occasion. 
  5. Control your emotions.  Some people have a hard time dealing with emotion.  It can make them feel helpless and not know what to do.  Talking over your concerns before they build up to boiling over is the best way to keeping the relationship on an even keel.

Avoiding social isolation and chronic loneliness can change a person’s biological makeup.  If people surround themselves with positive and supportive friends and relatives, they can not only increase their quality of life, but their longevity as well.  Make it your New Year’s Resolution to more frequently engage in positive interactions with others.  That’s why taking a class or joining a support group can be so good for you. You can visit the mi-Vibe website at for a multitude of opportunities.

Written by Susan Dusseau

Susan Dusseau is the Director of Cancer Services and Coordinator of the Midland County Tobacco Reduction Coalition and is a long-time advocate for healthy living.  She is married to Terry, Mom to a son and daughter, and became a first-time Grandmother in January.

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